Friday, March 23, 2012

On Repeat

Do you ever find a song that you are just, "in the mood" for so you listen to it over and over again on repeat? I find this happens to me A LOT!!! It drives my sweet little hubby crazy! He is a listen to it once and move along kinda guy and for the most part I am a listen to it until you suck the life out of it kinda girl. I can't help it! If I like a song and it fits my mood then I want to hear it......several times! Today my repeat song is, You're the One That I Want- The Lennings. It's an acoustic cover of the song from the movie Grease. It's really mellow and I absolutely love it! So go download it now and listen to it on repeat with me! :)

*Please excuse the randomness of this post. Things will get back to normal around here very soon! :)
Happy Friday!

** Also, if you download this song (which you should) let me know what you think of it. Do you love it like I do?